Counterfeiting is a widely spread phenomenon at the international level and protected at the border.
Goods which affect a property right:

• counterfeit goods
• pirated goods
• goods which affect the rights of a patent or a supplementary protection certificate or a geographical indication or a certificate variety

In this respect, SIDEMO – the signs, drawings, models, Counselling in the Industrial Property by the Adviser Authorised Agent Baisan Cristina-Carmen, a member of SABIAN comes in support of companies engaged in import and export not only services such as:

  • 1. Protecting the business by registering the brand as a national mark and / or of EU -to obtain exclusive rights on Romanian territory or throughout the EU by advice on application for intervention at the national customs authority.
  • 2. Counselling at the Customs office of companies which have declared at customs goods likely to violate the rights of intellectual / industrial property:
    a) any goods, including packaging, or those that bare, without authorization, a mark identical or not quite different in its essential aspects from a brand product or service legally registered for the same type of merchandise and, therefore, violates rights of the trademark holder;
    b) any symbol of a brand product or service (including logo, label, self-adhesive, brochure, instructions for use or guarantee document which bears such a symbol), even if it is presented separately and are in the same situation with Goods provided at point. a);
    c) any package that bears the marks of counterfeit goods, presented separately under the same goods as defined in point. a);
    d) pirate goods: all copies made without the consent of the holder of the right or the person duly authorized by him in the country of manufacture and which are made directly or indirectly, from a good that has copyright and related rights or of a right on industrial models and designs, if the achievement of such copies would constitute an infringement of intellectual property in question.
    Please note is the fact that the brand is protecting the sign associated to the product and not the product itself.
  • 3. Protection of the products by industrial-design for form and aesthetic appearance (protecting in Romania and / or throughout the EU);
  • 4. Competition-monitoring – monthly service – can offer the possibility of finding out the activity made for the acquisition of exclusive rights by competing companies;
  • 5. Protection of intellectual and industrial property shares in counterfeiting, activities in unfair competition actions of cancelling titles of ownership, etc.;
  • 6. Transfer of intellectual and industrial property rights (disposals, licenses, franchise, etc.);
  • 7. Evaluating portfolio brands.

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